You Are More

Think about this:

"Life is very simple"

My guess is that there are times when you don't think life is very simple. Take a moment and try to imagine what life would be like for you if it were indeed simplier. Would you have less stress in your life? Probably. Would you have more time on your hands? I bet you would! Would you enjoy life more? How could you not?

"Love, integrate, feel, and enjoy"

Live your life from your heart. Connect to the love that is your nature. Offer love to those around you and most importantly offer love to yourself. Each day brings new expereinces. Integrate your daily experiences into the person you wish to become. Connect with your emotions and let yourself feel alive. And most of all learn to enjoy life.

"There was never meant to have you fear"

Certain types of fear are healthy. Other kinds of fear hold us back. Learn to recognize the difference between the two. Use discernment in letting go of fear that is not beneficial or real.

"Never meant to be complicated"

So many think that life has to be complicated. How complicated is a sunrise, a great tasting meal, a smile, the love of your family? Learn to recognize boundaries and what is yours to do and what belongs to others.

"Never to be overthought"

Stop thinking about all the what ifs. Try to stay as much in the present as possible. The present is where you experience life. The future is just that, the future. It may never actually happen the way you are imagining it might. Imagine good outcomes and see what comes of them.