What are the Benefits of Raising Your Personal Vibration?

“As You Walk in a Higher Vibration You Have Access to More Resources.”

What kind of resources are we talking about? We are talking about access to information. Think of information as a resouce. Living at a higher vibration allows you to have access to insights and perspectives that were not available to you before. Think of learning mathematics in school. You couldn't do subtraction until you understood addition. Same with division. You had to learn to multiply first. When you raise your own personal vibration, more resources open up for you.

"Not Because You Are Grander Than You Were"

You haven't changed your true nature at all. You are still the same beyond this dimension.

"But Because You Are More Consciousnes of Who You Are."

Part of the benefit of raising your personal energetic level is that you do indeed become more aware of who you are beyond this physical dimension. This is a natural outcome of raising your energetic vibration.

You may be asking yourself, "How do I raise my personal energetic level?" There are many ways to raise your energetic level. One of the best ways is to let go of anger and fear. These are lower level energies and they hold you down.